Linear Actuators

Cosmic Industry Co. Ltd (Japan)

Producer of high quality electric linear actuators, motorised lifts and other customised industrial products.

Motor Cylinders

Simple Construction

Motor cylinders consist of a screw, nut and motor, with the motor's rotation (forward and reverse) being translated into linear motion of the piston rod. Operates with 3-ph electric power.

Thrust Limiter and Positioning

Overload detection mechanism allows for stoppage when over-pressure occurs. Linit switches also available.

Fully Electromechanical

Precise positioning control is fully electrical. Load held securely when stopped.

Clean and Easy Maintenance

Maintenance is simple and easy with grease lubrication.



Synchro Cylinders


  • Two or more cylinders can be connected for synchronised operation
  • Coaxial input and trunnion mounting brackets, enabling tilting operation
  • Ball screw and bevel gearing allows for high speed, heavy-duty operation
  • Ball screw with long life
  • Easy maintenance


Worm / Ball Jack

  • Worm gear design allows for quiet operation
  • Two screw types
    • Trapezoidal screw with self-locking function
    • Ball screw for high efficiency
  • Easy maintenance

Bevel Jack

  • Bevel gear design allows for high efficiency
  • Two screw types
    • Trapezoidal screw
    • Ball screw
  • For high speed, high frequency operation