Rotary Motion

Harold Beck & Sons (USA)

Beck damper drives and valve actuators have a well-earned reputation for superior control, high reliability, and outstanding low-maintenance durability. Over decades of service and across a variety of challenging industries, the world’s leading companies have relied on Beck. Their products are engineered to the high performance standards of today’s sophisticated control instrumentation:

  • Unique Motor Design: 100% Availability
  • Housing: Superior Protection and Convenient Access to Components
  • Durable Gear Train: High Accuracy Even Under Demanding Conditions

Group 11 Rotary Damper Drives & Quarter-Turn Actuators

Beck Group 11 electric actuators provide precise, consistent modulation of all types and sizes of dampers and valves. Unlike traditional electric actuators, Beck actuators have no duty cycle limitation and can continuously modulate without overheating.

Beck actuators have the unique ability to quickly, accurately and consistently track the control signal. This ability significantly decreases process variability—improving product quality and reducing operating costs. Beck has eliminated the problems associated with pneumatic actuators such as stick-slip response, inconsistent performance and air quality issues. Virtually maintenance-free and designed for harsh industrial environments,

  • Beck will drastically reduce your maintenance costs while improving your process control.
  • Beck Group 11 damper drives are equipped with a specially engineered crank arm. Custom linkage arrangements are available.
  • Beck Group 11 valve actuators are engineered for direct-coupling on quarter-turn ball, plug and butterfly valves. They may also be installed using specially engineered crank arm and linkage arrangements.
  • Valves and actuators may be ordered together as pre-engineered assemblies ready for drop-in installation; or actuators can be supplied separately along with the necessary hardware for field installation on existing valves.

Group 88 Multi-Turn Actuators

The new Group 88 is a state-of-the-art, multi-turn actuator featuring the reliability and advantages customers have come to expect from Beck.

  • Engineered for long life with no periodic maintenance or recalibration
  • Industry leading three year warranty
  • Permanent magnet motor designed to prevent "burnout"
  • All spur gear design (no worm gear) with no oil bath

Servo Motor:

  • Includes solid state protection to eliminate motor "burnout"
  • Has a "soft" start/stop, reducing mechanical wear
  • Starts at full torque, eliminating need for “Hammer Blow”
  • Interfaces with electronics for setting speed, acceleration, and torque output
  • Equipped with failsafe to hold position without power

Group 57 Rotary Valve Actuator

Explosion proof valve actuator with DC power options

1/4-Turn valve actuator for Class I, Div 1 Hazardous locations, DC Powered with on-board "Fail-safe" backup power

The Group 57 valve actuators are a great choice for valve actuation in remote, hazardous environments. In addition to running on AC power, the group 57 units are also DC powered electric actuators, explosion proof and therefore perfect for situations where explosive gases are present. These valve actuators reset to a fail-safe position during power outages and are great for low power environments such as a gas pipeline using solar power, batteries and fuel cells. Built with your need for flexibility in mind, Beck reliability standards and a rugged construction design for harsh environments.


Group 22 Rotary Damper Drives

High torque actuators for big valves & dampers

These high torque rotary actuators are often used to control large plug valves, large ball valves and various dampers used by utilities and the water industry. This model of electric actuator produces up to 3000 lb-ft of torque. If you need more torque, consider our model 22-409 at 4000 lb-ft or model 22-809 which produces up to 8000 lb-ft of torque.


Group 75 Compact Rotary Actuators

High temperature actuators for tight, dirty conditions

These compact rotary actuators were originally designed to control boiler windbox damper applications. Today they are used in numerous ways. Constructed with multiple mounting points makes it flexible to fit into tight areas. Great for controlling small rotary valves and damper applications. The model 75 actuators adapt to challenging heat and space configurations that other actuators cannot accommodate. This video above shares more about the Group 75 actuators.


Group 31 Quarter-Turn Compact Rotary Actuators

Group 31 compact valve actuators are designed for coupling to small quarter-turn ball and butterfly valves.