SIBRE Siegerland Bremsen (Germany)

SIBRE – Siegerland Bremsen designs, manufactures and distributes industrial brake systems and drive components. Customers of their industrial brakes (e.g. hoist brakes) are Consultants, OEMs and Operators in heavy duty industries such as but not limited to ports, steel mills, mining and regenerative energies. All our products and processes are characterised by safety, reliability, sustainability and high quality certified acc. to ISO 9001.

Disc Brakes - Type USB 5

These brakes are designed considering the specific demands of crane-, lifting- and material handling applications and is the consequent result of the continuous research and development performed by SIBRE.

  • Braking torque: 100 - 29,000 Nm


  • Standardized functional principle, available in 5 different sizes
  • Improved brake linings
  • Parallel opening of brake shoes
  • Optimized spring guiding unit
  • Upgraded manual release system
  • Enhanced corrosion protection
  • Additional options for status monitoring
    • Load cells for measuring the brake torque
    • PT100 temperature sensors for the brake linings
    • Linear position sensor for monitoring of thruster stroke
    • Linear position sensor for torque adjustment

Disc Brakes - Type TEXU

The brakes of the TEXU series are double operating disc brakes which work according to the precept of a conventially drum brake. The braking force will be transmitted to the brake disc on two symmetrically points..

Consequently the tangential forces at the shaft are compensated..

The speciality of this brake is the actuating of both callipers with 2 parallel mounted spring tubes in relation with only one concentrically mounted thruster.

By closing the brake, the force of the springs will be evenly distributed by the linkage to both pairs of brake levers.

Now the levers move identical towards the shaft and thereby the separate beared calipper levers will be effected with wedges and rolls.

Furthermore the brake is equipped with a synchronisation linkage, which ensures an evenly spaced out air gap at all 4 linings. The wear of the linings and the consequently increasing air gap will be compensated by our reliable automatic wear compensation.

  • Braking torque: 0 - 31,850 Nm


  • Reduced investment costs
  • Reduced operating costs due to reduced size of disc
  • Increased efficiency due to reduced inertia of disc
  • Increase coeff. of friction = increased torque = increased safety for emergency stops from overspeed
  • Safe handling under power failure conditions

Drum Brakes - Type TE

The TE series drum brakes shown here have been developed using state of the art industrial brake technology according to DIN 15435.

This robust model was particularly designed for use in general engineering, metallurgy, crane and conveyor plants, for use both underground and above ground, as well as in wind turbine plants.

These brakes are for use whenever a constant brake torque is of utmost importance, not only for reasons of safety but also from a commercial standpoint.


Caliper Disc Brakes - Type SHI

Used as holding and emergency stop brake, installed on output shaft connected drive components such as the flange of hoist rope drums or the idler pulley of a conveyor belt.

Clamping forces: 17 - 555 kN


  • Fast response time for maximum safety
  • Suitable for different disc thicknesses
  • No tangential forces onto pistons and seals during dynamic braking
  • Low spare parts and maintenance requirement due to using only one dynamic seal per cylinder
  • Simple and fast manual wear compensation
  • Easy and quick replacement of pad carriers

Compact Caliper Disc Brakes
- Type CB8 / CB6

Disk Brake CB8 with electrohydraulic thruster EDC 100, solenoid or hydraulic cylinder available

Disk Brake CB6 with thruster EDC 100/30, fail-safe, electro-hydraulic release, sinter linings in the standard version