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Ron Warman was born and educated in Aberdeen Scotland the oil capital of Europe.His family relocated to South Africa where he studied and qualified as a mechanical draughtsman. He was selected to join a small highly skilled team of design engineers who were engaged in the manufacture of custom built diesel locomotives for the mining and sugar cane industries.

After gaining some real skills from his senior designers he returned to the UK and decided to get some hands on experience . He then registered with the BOT as a marine engineer officer on main engine watchkeeping duties. This was exactly what he was looking for to fully understand the demands of 24/7 maintenance on diesel engines and ancillary equipment.

His last voyage took him to New Zealand where he joined an international company specialising in power transmission products.This was a change for him from pure technical to technical sales. He led a small team of sales engineers taking the role of Senior Sales Engineer part of which was his direct contact and support to pulp and paper mills ,the timber,cement,coal mining and other major industrial projects including meat and dairy production.

He then for 12 years operated a small engineering representative business working as a technical sales office for a number of large German and USA manufacturers of PT products.

Ron took part in technical training at a number international PT manufacturers including Rexnord, Falk, Link-Belt, Diamond Chain, Tsubaki, Sumitomo, Bonfiglioli, Thyssen, Lenze, Mayr, Uni Chain, Ewart, Renold and David Brown

The business was sold in 1990 at which time he relocated to Australia. Ron was awarded Australian Citizenship in 1991, an honour he still holds as one of his greatest milestones in his life.

So for you as a potential or existing customer, Ron extends an invitation to talk to him and his team about any Power Transmission issue you may have – and benefit from their experience!

Ph: 07 3491 6474 | Fax: 07 3491 7944 | Email: ptlink@bigpond.com