Torque Limiters

Deserti Meccanica S.r.l. (Italy)

Deserti Meccanica offers a wide range of torque limiters both mechanical and pneumatic which can satisfy every need. Deserti Meccanica uses the most modern technical and organizational systems to optimize their entire production process.

Torque limiters are both pneumatic and mechanical safety devices.

Torque limiters have become increasingly required by manufacturers and are now considered safety devices.

Their means of operation is to stop the transmission of motion between the driving device and the driven one, intervening when the connection structures are subjected to excessive overloads. This avoids major problems, such as the stopping or the breakage of the mechanical components with consequent damages to persons or plant.

LS series

Ranging from 2 to 12,000 Nm.

  • Easy Use
  • Solid
  • Easy torque value adjustment
  • Excellence price / performance ratio
  • Large range
  • Made in Italy
  • For coaxial and parallel transmissions
  • High quality construction
  • High reliability
  • Silent and without vibrations
  • Special manufacturing on request

The “LS…” series torque limiters are safety devices that intervene to protect mechanical transmissions and respective components that are subjected to repeated overloads generated by abnormal operating conditions, thus preventing faults and damage that take the machine out of service and are usually caused by unprotected parts. Operation relies on friction that keeps materials of different consistency under tension. The friction torque limiters allow immediate release from the excess torque applied to the transmission; they do not need resetting and permit an immediate visual inspection of operating conditions.

LASS series ball/roller bearing type torque limiters

Providing accurate and precision machinery protection. Ranging from 23 to 2,000 Nm.

  • High operating reliability
  • Repeatability of torque value – this value does not change after being set.
  • High precision adjustment
  • Motion can be stopped electrically
  • Motion can be stopped electrically. Synchronized reset, ( LASS…F Series ) without slipping, both in normal and in highly sensitive torque limiters.
  • High speed “detachment”: only a few angled degrees of overloading are sufficient to cause the rotation that produces an electrical stop.
  • Phosphated to prevent corrosion

LASS series torque limiters are safety devices protecting mechanical transmissions and relevant assemblies subjected to repeated overloading and, in any event, caused by incorrect operating conditions. Tripping of the limiters is total and definitive, causing transmission to stop mechanically and stopping the drive unit by means of an electrical device (micro switch). This device is equipped with a “Feeler” in contact with the surface of the limiter’s mobile half- coupling.

LASS SYNCRO LINE torque limiters differ from LASS LINE ones and competitors’ products thanks to a chromium plated band as a special and unique feature.

LASS series air type torque limiters

  • High operating reliability
  • Repeatability of the preset torque value
  • Possibility of altering the torque values transmitted to suit unstable loads, as part of a machine cycle or upon starting or stopping a machine with a high dynamic cycle.
  • Extremely accurate adjustment, obtainable by simple modulation of the pneumatic air supply pressure even whilst operating.
  • Quick and complete disconnection by releasing the compressed air into the atmosphere, thus allowing the mechanical load to be taken instantly to ZERO (even whilst operating at maximum output) with absence of wear since dragging of the rollers on their respective seats is avoided.
  • Flexibility in the choice of solutions with regard to type of operation or configuration, thus allowing the connections: shaft-shaft or shaft-pulley-pinion.
  • Power-factor correction. Using the versions LASS…F/AIR, synchronous reset is obtained, passing from a state of ZERO torque to one of total synchronous traction.

These limiters are strictly derived from the “LASS” series of which they share exactly the same mechanical and performance specifications, whilst differing as regards the torque control and regulation system.

In fact, the torque can be adjusted pneumatically by altering the pressure of the compressed-air supply even during running. This system allows a very high operating speed to be achieved and proves the ideal solution as regards the problem of matching the theoretical torque for normal use of the machine with the torque necessary for the initial acceleration of the machine itself.

SGR series "backlash-free" torque limiters

Torque limiters of the “backlash-free” series are safety devices which protect mechanical components that are subject to repeated and different kinds of overload but where it is recommended to maintain a fixed and determined point of transmission.



  • Any overload in the movement system caused by exceeding the predetermined torque value causes disengagement of the device, separating the driving part from the driven.
  • Torque is transmitted from the hub to the pressure flange through rollers “A” lodged in special “copied” housings.
  • The rollers are pushed by the moving part, transmitting the back-lash free torque limiter in both senses of rotation.
  • On exceeding working torque the rollers exit their respective housing, generating the shifting of the moving component and the consequent stopping of the transmission, intercepted by an electric micro-switch which further brings about the stop (signaled) of the driving part.



  • The great precision of “backlash-free” torque limiters means that they can be used in all mechanical transmissions where disengagement of the drive must absolutely not cause shifting in the fixed movement points: step by step systems, automatic machines, machine tools etc.
  • The various versions of “backlash-free” torque limiters- mechanical-pneumatic-laminar sprocket-for intromitters – mean that they can be applied to meet every specific need